My Photography

This is for you to get a general feel for the photography I do. (More on my Instagram)

I am currently working full time as a photographer for Dawson’s Auctioneers¬†where I mainly shoot product type photos of antiques under studio lighting for a monthly sale. My photos and edits are used for advertising, social media, online bidding platforms and the printed catalogues.

I still keep up with freelancing on the side with one or two jobs a week, these primarily being club nights at Bucks Students Union and for Audio Venom.Clubs are something that I have gotten very comfortable doing and love using them to experiment with settings and techniques.

Outside of this I use my camera when I’m on adventures with family and friends, but no where near as much as I used to as now that it is my full time job, I find myself not wanting to look at extra images on a screen in my free time. This is where I have changed to shoot a lot more on my phone as it can be shot and sent to anywhere in a flash.

I have also recently gotten into food photography which is something I never imagined trying as I managed to briefly be a part of a start up organisation that was trying to do photos for restaurant menus. This kick started an idea that my girlfriend had had for a while to start a food Instagram to show what she cooked as she is pretty damn good at it). This is how Foodos was born.

I reckon that explains a bit of what I do. Other things I’ve done outside of these include making videos for organisations local to High Wycombe as well as a couple of clubs in London, I’ve also gotten the opportunity to shoot at the O2.



A short history of my photography career would be this:

Only got my first camera in My first year of University while on an Interior Design course to take better photos of my models, then fell in love with Timelapse and Hyperlapse photography which I got onto the radio for a year later for my Wycombe video. First paid gig was shooting 3 workout edits in a gym in West London about 4 months after that. Sports photography is what I grew up in as I went along to a few of the Uni’s home games each week where different sports would take place, I did this pretty much week in week out on Wednesdays for my last 2 years at Uni. Nightclub photography only really started up for me after 2 years of having a camera when I decided to just take along my Canon 700D and Yongnuo 50mm f1.8 to an Oktoberfest night that I was going out to, just to get a few better-than-phone photos from it. when I put them up and tagged the place and event, I had a job the next Saturday and from that I contacted a club that was starting up the next month and got a weekly spot there. On top of that, there were a couple of friends of friends that were hosting club events in the town that I picked up on and built from there.

In free time, as well as practicing them portraits, I also take a lot of Landscape and Architectural shots as this is where I love seeing lines. Looking up and down buildings just gives great perspective and a great feeling when the shot is nailed

So yeah that’s a glimpse at some of my work. I have more on my Instagram, on my Facebook and on the YouTube.