My Photography

This is for you to get a general feel for the photography I do. (More on my Instagram)

When doing jobs/shooting for clients, I am mostly shooting portraits. Whether that be for live events, Night Clubs, Sports, or just general walkabouts. That’s what I have most experience in. Portraits are also the most energetic to shoot as you can show the people the results with them in frame and get energy back from them.

In free time, as well as practicing them portraits, I also take a lot of Landscape and Architectural shots as this is where I love seeing lines. Looking up and down buildings just gives great perspective and a great feeling when the shot is nailed

So yeah that’s a glimpse at some of my work. I have more on my Instagram, on my Facebook and on the YouTube.

And finally, this is me. I’m grew up in a seaside town on the south coast of England called Eastbourne, although originally from just