Reading November/December 2020

This is a purely visual update of the photos that I have taken during the last part of the year 2020. These were mainly taken to and from my work during the second UK lockdown. For the images with the extra colour overlaid are all done in camera, to the surprise of my Instagram pollsContinue reading “Reading November/December 2020”

David Battie joins the Dawsons Team

In preparation of the Asian Art sale at Dawsons Auctioneers on the 5th of November, David Battie – an original and regular member of the BBC’s Antiques Roadshow – was enlisted to assist Dawsons’ own Richard Harrison. I had the privilege to work with them as I had a couple of hours, out of theContinue reading “David Battie joins the Dawsons Team”

Moorcroft World Record

A large collection of Moorcroft ceramics and Steiff Bears came in to Dawsons Auctioneers during August from a single vendor, with around 50 pieces of each. Dawsons decided, with the vendor, to put on a one off sale for the whole collection to attract all the collectors to the items without any distractions. This wasContinue reading “Moorcroft World Record”

Audio Venom: Tour de Wycombe

Now that there are no longer any real events like there were in the pre-Covid era, events companies and people really have to think outside the box more than ever to keep their industry alive. This is something that Dom Whiting of Audio Venom has done. Instead of people going to the music, he isContinue reading “Audio Venom: Tour de Wycombe”

Dawson’s Auctioneers December sale

Ho ho ho merry Auctionmas and welcome to a glimpse into what is up for auction on Saturday the 14th of December 2019 at Dawson’s Auctioneers in Maidenhead, Berkshire. Just in time for Christmas there are many lots of toys including a large collection of Star Wars items. There is also plenty of Jewellery toContinue reading “Dawson’s Auctioneers December sale”

Foodos – Cakes

We recently made and shot a 3 layered chocolate birthday cake with frosting and fruits. So I thought now would be a good time to look back at some cakes that we’ve done in the past few months. Click here to see our Instagram