Photographer, Filmmaker, Timelapser, Hyperlapser, Swimmer, Designer.

Welcome to the world of me.


I’m a creative

I am a creative individual on the Interior and Spatial Design Course at Buckinghamshire New University where my designing, drawing and making skills are regularly tested on project briefs that have ranged from the V&A Gallery to Houseboats.

Swimming was my first calling in life, I reached Regional level on multiple occasions first of which in 2008 (continuing through to 2015). Always in Breaststroke as that was my A-Stroke. Although I did qualify for other events like the 400IM (which is painful) which I did 2 years in a row then the 3rd year I qualified for it I turned around to my coach and said, “Not this time”, as they laughed at me.

Taking photos is a thing that anyone and everyone does, over the past couple years I really wanted to develop my camera skills for photos of models for projects. While on this route, I quickly became engrossed with learning more about photography and editing. This soon turned into video making as well and became less to do with the initial reason of starting it. Throughout doing this, I have met new creators and had the opportunity to experience things that I never would have done.

This will give me a chance to explain my experiences with a few more words. To see them then head to my Instagram. If you would prefer to listen to me talk about them rather than read this, I upload to YouTube whenever I’m not working flat out on Projects.

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