Reading November/December 2020

This is a purely visual update of the photos that I have taken during the last part of the year 2020. These were mainly taken to and from my work during the second UK lockdown.

For the images with the extra colour overlaid are all done in camera, to the surprise of my Instagram polls where the majority thought it was photoshopped on after. Click here to see my Instagram.

To add this, I simply use a filter over the camera called a pulsator. This is something that I picked up from my Dad’s old film gear. I like to try to use the vintage filters when I can and when it suits as t is something that is not seen a lot in photography and I believe there is some good use to be had out of them.

Published by Sean Wright

Auction House Photographer, Full-time. Events Photographer, Part-time Working at Dawsons Auctions.

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