Reading, UK

Following a recent move to Reading, Berkshire, I was interested in capturing this new place that I live in and have recently really gotten back into my groove of just freewheeling my photography.

Over the past year or so, every time I have seen or travelled to a new place I have always thought, “that would make a good photo”, or, “I like this light/composition”, but never really acted much around it. Now I am trying to force myself.

After getting back into the train station late one night from work, I had the urge to go have a look for a new ‘spot’ nearby. I usually see photos of the area then think about where the photographer was to capture said images and then find that place and then use it in my own way. In this case, it was a car park round the corner from the station.

I love car parks. That sounds weird I know. But they are basically a small tower block that you don’t need a pass or a key to get into. I know I have been told to leave by security a couple times, but as long as I’m compliant and accept that, I have always been able to keep whatever footage/photos I have captured.

One day more recently, I got in and the sun was just starting to paint the sky an array of colours. I ran from that train to a car park and up the stairs. I did not want to miss the wave of colour that was about to erupt. Sunsets are something that happen every day, but they don’t always go off like this one. If I every get a high rise apartment with a balcony, I don’t think I’ll ever leave.

The photos in this article are a mix from a couple of days from around the town, some from the Night where it was a little stormy, and some from a fantastic display of colour on a magnificent sunset that I was lucky to witness.

Published by Sean Wright

Auction House Photographer, Full-time. Events Photographer, Part-time Working at Dawsons Auctions.

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