The Victorian Noah’s Ark

While working for Dawsons Auctioneers, I often come across unique items, this is one of those. It is a Noah’s Ark, hand carved, wooden toy with many of the animals, dating to Victorian times (around 1850s). One of the things I really love about this job, is being able to come across and handle items with such history and story behind them. This is definitely one of those items.

It really is one of the most charming of handmade toys to survive from this period. Due to its biblical subject matter, it is interesting and with some thought, perhaps understandable to note that for many generations (under the yoke of more religious times), an Ark was one of the few toys that children were allowed to play with on Sundays.

An Ark of this size and scale would have been an expensive toy. It has a sliding side section that opens-up to a spacious interior to house the animals, whilst there are also several figures of people. This particular Ark dates from around 1850 and has 144 pieces, ranging from camels to cows and everything in between. Whilst the Ark and some of the animals have some slight damage, it is still a lovely toy to behold.

Estimated at £500 – £800. If you are interested in this wonderful Ark, please note that it will be one of the Lots within Dawsons’ Fine Art & Antiques Auction at the end of October.

Please contact Peter Mason, Auctioneer, for further information:

Published by Sean Wright

Auction House Photographer, Full-time. Events Photographer, Part-time Working at Dawsons Auctions.

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