Moorcroft World Record

A large collection of Moorcroft ceramics and Steiff Bears came in to Dawsons Auctioneers during August from a single vendor, with around 50 pieces of each.

Dawsons decided, with the vendor, to put on a one off sale for the whole collection to attract all the collectors to the items without any distractions. This was a great move.

My job is to deal with all the images: Cataloguing photography, Product photography & Advertising Photography. Basically I have to make these look as best as they can to try to fetch the highest price.

For those that don’t know what the name Moorcroft is, here is the opening line from Wiki: “In 1897 Staffordshire pottery manufacturers James Macintyre & Co. Ltd garnered a prodigious talent by employing 24-year-old William Moorcroft as a designer, and within a year he was put in full charge of the company’s art pottery studio. Moorcroft’s first innovative range of pottery, called Florian Ware”

Personally, I really like the look of the pieces. I love the blood reds and the oranges and the way the glazes catch and reflect just a little bit of light to catch your eye.

The three piece tea set pictured below sold for a world record price of £15,400 which was amazing to witness as two telephone bidders just kept going at it. This obviously not only made the Dawsons team very happy, but also the vendor was over the moon with it.

Read the write up on Dawsons here

Published by Sean Wright

Auction House Photographer, Full-time. Events Photographer, Part-time Working at Dawsons Auctions.

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