New Year in Holland

This is the first time in 3 years that I wasn’t working a Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve gig and the fist time I’ve spent New Year’s in another country, and what a country to do it in. The Dutch go mental for it.

The last day of the year offered up one last spectacular sunset which Elisa and I saw set offer the Hague pier and Beach from the dunes, it was a very beautiful sight and a great way for the final bit of natural light to be spent.


This might be because they can only buy fireworks on 3 days each year – the 3 days leading up to the New Year. Therefore buying loads to stock up for the year and maybe using more than they intended on bringing in the New Year.

I spent the evening in my Girlfriend’s Dad’s apartment which has almost uninterrupted views of the Hague. In the days building up, there were already crackers and some fireworks being set up in the street but from when it went dark on New Year’s Eve (say about 6pm) there was a continuous stream of fireworks being set of from many individual displays. And when you see this from high up, it is spectacular.


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