BSU Freshers Fortnight 2019

This is the 2nd year that I was to work at Freshers fortnight at Bucks Students Union.

BSU is a place that I have mentioned a lot in the past as I have done a range of projects with and work for them. At the end of September and into the beginning of October I was down to be their photographer for 5 nights in 2 weeks, Each night had something different on offer.

The first Night was a Toga night, a nice easy start to the year for me, basic camera settings with no real need to change it around too much, just a night to ease myself back into doing night work after a little time off.

The second night was possibly my favourite of the two weeks, an 80s and 90s Aerobics class. All I heard from this night was positive talk and judging by the time I was there for, I’d totally agree. The instructors really got the crowd going – this should be made into a regular night.

Oktoberfest is always a fun event to attend, it’s an earlier night, but definitely not a quieter one. Basically a take on the giant German celebrations with tankards of beer, games and competitions with a live brass band.

There is always a meet and greet night fitted into the schedule, this time around it was Anton from Love Island.

Finally there was Freshers ball, the big night. With the extra Headphone dome silent disco that only comes in for special nights. There was plenty going on with 3 rooms, Food grill, Thatchers and Hooch bars, aerialist, fire performers, and a Guest DJ set from Roman Kemp.

Really enjoyed my time at the 5th freshers I’ve attended, but the question is: will I attend a 6th?

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