Right now, Bucks Students Union have their committee and presidency elections happening, although I no longer go there and I am therefore not involved this year, I still thought it’d be a good time to go down memory lane.

For those who didn’t know, last year I was in the running for VPSI (Vice President of Student Involvement) on a slate with Will Willet and Diana Labode for President and VPEW respectively. Although we didn’t get the positions, I would 100% say it was one of the best things I’ve done while at Uni. In terms of a creative side, coming up with ways to advertise yourself be it with posters, videos or online. coming up with a manifesto and ideas to take the union forward that could actually be done and team building with the slate and a variety of people to get your word spread around and to get votes in.

One of the first things I said and kept saying to myself throughout the whole campaign was that, ‘Yes I’m going out to win, but even if I don’t, I’m going to have a fun time losing.’ I made sure I had that fun time by essentially creating my campaign around my joke of a rap Parody video, VP Worthy which went viral around the Uni the weekend before elections week. I basically fitted my ideas and manifesto and mixed them with my experiences and story and made it rhyme; that’s essentially what that rap was.

Campaign week was a tough one, being up and on the concourse at good times and going through the Uni to find those people to get the extra votes in was tricky, convincing people of your plans and getting them to like you on the spot. Then staying up late to catch the students who were up or out by sending out stuff online at all sorts of hours. This meant there wasn’t a huge amount of sleep, but instead plenty of coffees.

Yes, results night didn’t go the way I hoped at the time, but I wouldn’t change a thing. That campaign made me go  out my comfort zone, and that’s what I needed. Charlie, the guy who won and is the current VPSI, has done a great job and I am happy that the people put their trust in someone who has delivered well in the role.

Click Here to go to the VP Worthy blog post last year

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