Paul Chuckle at BSU

I’ve been working at Bucks Student Union events for 2 years now and they have had a variety of acts and celebs that they always seem to pull out the wildcard draw, so when I found out that I’d be shooting a Paul Chuckle DJ set and meet & greet you could imagine I was pretty stoked. As I’d not only be Photographing him, but also meeting him (Backstage too!).

Who is Paul Chuckle? He is half of the Chuckle Brothers, the famous double act that performed in the 70s and through the 80s & 90s with performing specials in the 00s. Which is why a lot of the student population would know who he is and would’ve watch their content, making Paul a very special guest.

Now let’s not forget, Paul is 71 years old and this guy was one of the liveliest people I’ve shot DJing. He mixed a range of 90s/00s house/dance hits with the, “To me, to you” constantly blended in. And I’ve got to say, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more hyper crowd – everyone was on level 11 of 10.

Even after his set, throughout the meet & greet part he was still smiling and dancing his way through the night. Since Wednesday nights are Frat nights, you often get all the sports teams and societies going out with some sort of theme or costume. This week, the team that nailed it for me was Bucks Mens Hockey, their them you ask: Paul Chuckle. Yep, that’s right, they came dressed as the man himself. Nicely done guys.


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