Venom is back for 2019

One of favourite events to photograph at is Audio Venom and the good news is, their start to 2019 was as strong as ever.

One of the main reasons I love photographing the Venom crew has to be their lights, they are these strip lights that they have programmed to come up with a variety of animated designs and patterns. Each event has them used in a new way which i am always very excited to incorporate in my photos.

I usually do this through long exposure flash photography – flash gun captures the person and shutter stays open to capture the lights – or through fast shutter and no flash – using the lights themselves to light my subject. I also took my wide angle lens to this event (I haven’t used this all that much since Oz) and instantly fell back in love with using it, I don’t know why I don’t use it more.


The resident DJs shuffled around to keep the House going strong all night long. By hosting the events in the Antelope pub, High Wycombe, they are able to keep the energy of the crowd concentrated and keep them going mental.

Always, always a good night and will never disappoint. Here’s to the next one on the 2nd of March

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