When it does happen to snow, it makes a great excuse to just ditch whatever’s happening and go out to take photos. As soon as I saw the white on the ground outside at 8am, I was off and out.

After going to a couple of my favourite viewpoints in Wycombe, Tom Burts Hill and the Eden Car Park, I went out with flatmates for portraits.

In my opinion, a successful day of snow. To bad this doesn’t come a bit more often, it’s cold enough to but, half the time snow in England is this dusty nothingness. We ideally want the stuff that sets.

On a tech talk note –

The panarama is 7 images stitched together in Adobe Lightroom to create this one, shot with a Tamron 24-70 at a closed aperture to keep as much crisp in focus as possible.

The portraits were shot with a Canon 70-200 wide open to get that silky bokeh background blur.

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