Always a good time of year to shoot at events, Halloween is a popular one for people to go out for. When you get people that can nail their costumes you are in for a treat.

Rather fortunately, Halloween night fell on a Wednesday this year which meant that the Frat Party night at Bucks Student’s Union was going to be an all out Halloween ball. And the best part is, I’m currently the resident photographer for the Frat nights.

With the decor all set and the extra outside scare maze and silent disco dome all in place, the queue was nearly out the carpark. A very busy night. Which meant many costumes. Busy nights like this are the ones I love: shooting in my home Uni with people I know and an environment that I know. This is what I live for.

Another fun bit was that they had also booked performers, whish meant fire. I am a huge fan of fire performers. I love shooting with them as the fire gives me enough light to work with without needing to use a flash. Yes there are certain ways of using a flash with the performers, but for now I’ll settle for nailing these.

In terms of me getting a little geeky into camera settings, there were 4 main areas that present slight adjustments to settings to get the shot right. They were:

The Main Room – This is personally my least favourite, as it has a higher ceiling that is dark and uneven, making it harder to bounce flash around, also having giant spot lights spinning around can either make a great back lighting and create some atmosphere or completely bleach peoples skin a different colour.

The Lounge – I like shooting here, having a regular height ceiling that is painted white and is flat, perfect for bouncing flash. It is very difficult to miss a shot here.

Outside – This area has nothing to bounce flash off so flash is either direct or non existent. I found this easiest just speeding up the shutter and having the flash direct, or sometimes I just didn’t use the flash as there wasn’t as mush movement to freeze.

The Dome – Whenever the silent disco dome is out, it is my top place to shoot, I will say to my friends going to the event, if you want the best lighting in a photo on the night, go to the dome. The reason is simple, the whole dome acts as one giant diffuser making the light from my flashgun spread and evenly light whatever I’m taking a photo of.

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