What is a hyperlapse? It’s a form of timelapse where camera through/across the scene.

I used to make Timelapse & Hyperlapse films to showcase what I could with them, I went around my hometowns Eastbourne & Wycombe as well as abroad in Amsterdam & New York. The last one I posted was over a year ago since then I still shoot them but only really when needed to feature as a 2 or 3 second transition to get from shot to shot.

Recently I was asked if I was able to teach how I get my results by friend and fellow Photographer/Videographer Sam Mcmahon. We went around a couple of church towers in Thame as these have a clear structure and space to move around them making them an ideal place to get the hang of bits.

So how do you shoot a Hyperlapse? Well, you’re going to obviously need some sort of camera, be a dslr, phone, whatever. Try to line up a point on the subject with the crosses on your grid/af point and keep that the same when you take every single shot. Take a photo step slightly forwards/backwards/sideways then take another photo, repeat many times (depending on how long you want the sequence), 24 frames make 1 second of video so if you take 100 that’s just over 4 seconds – excluding any speed ramping that may want to be done in post. Now you have all these photos, they can be strung in whatever editing software, stabilised then exported. Simple right.

Just remember, to shoot one smoothly it takes patience and concentration. Keep practicing and you’ll get it.

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