Oh what a night.

On the 17th of May, Bucks SU hosted their annual Awards dinner at Wycombe Town Hall to celebrate it’s most active members and the year in general that has gone by.

I was fortunate enough to be shortlisted for 3 of the awards: Campaigner of the Year, Volunteer of the Year & Media Contributor of the Year. It is an honour to at least be shortlisted for anything, having your efforts realised and appreciated is such a great thing to be proud of.

Media Contributor of the Year was the one that I was most confident with getting as I have not only gotten on board with projects that were running to help promote them (like Bin Bouncers, Bucks Girls Can) but have also lead Film projects (like the Varsity Video) as well as taking my own time to take 1000s and 1000s of photos for nearly all the sports teams on game days.

Volunteer of the Year is one that I was very pleased with making the fnal 4 on as The amount of time that I’ve put into volunteering has been a lot. Mostly with photo and video based projects within the Union, but also with outside organisations (like Chiltern Rangers, Noord Ltd) that have helped me gain experience, build a portfolio and expand my contact list.

Campaigner of the Year was something that I was surprised to have even been nominated for, let alone making the shorlist. Yes, I’ve been a part of some campaigns throughout the year, but never have I lead my own or organised one. Unless you include my VP Worthy campaign when I ran to be VPSI.

There were many other Awards throughout the night, some notable ones were Society of the Year & Honorary Life Member which were deservedly won by Acapella Soc & Noel respectively.

With mine, I got the 3rd one on the night, I actually won the Media Contributor of the year. What a moment. Walking up to the stage to collect the award seeing people standing applauding it just made my night. The fact that I’m able to have a positive impact, even a small one, on that many people is just mind blowing. Making an unprepared speech while being on the high of getting it went by in a flash and was possibly helped along by the few glasses of Rosé I’d had prior.

Overall though, what a great night spent with great people celebrating everyone’s achievements.

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