Festiball at Bucks SU

This was my last Festiball and also my first time working it. First of all let’s answer the question I get all the time: “But Sean, why don’t you go out and enjoy it instead of working?” Well, working as a photographer in a place I know where there are people I know is fun. I get to do what I love doing and get around to see all my friends, This is the best way to enjoy it for me.

I wasn’t alone on the photo job either, Charlotte Bull was also taking photos and then Kevin Kohjus was on the filming with a ridiculous shoulder rig. My gear was a Canon 5diii with a Canon 24-105mm f/4L and Canon 550EX Speedlite and also as an acts camera, a Canon 5dii with a Sigma 50-100mm f/1.8 Art. Kevin had a Canon 6d with a Sigma 35mm f/1.4 Art and a video light and an external monitor all on a shoulder rig. (sorry, I like gear talk)

Over the weekend there were performances from names like Professor GreenSnakehipsShikari Sound SystemCharlie SlothYoungrAll TvvinsNadia RoseParka MonkeysHorn Division.

It was a well run, well organised event. The Venue was looking spectacular with the setup for the main stage and having all the walls covered in blue tinsel-like streamers made for great background bokeh when it caught the light. Speaking of light, there was one set of lights in the lounge that was beautiful for photos, especially when the smoke machines were slightly on.

The official event description- “Unlike any other end of year ball around, the venue is completely transformed, including the famous Headphone Disco Dome, outside themed areas, photobooths, cocktail bars, food stalls, a VIP area for graduating students and extra production throughout. We bring you some of the hottest acts right now, with guest appearances and performances across 3 stages, over 3 nights – bringing the ultimate festival atmosphere to Bucks!”

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