Being in my final year of University, this year of Varsity was my last. For those who aren’t aware, Varsity is a multi-sport University vs University duel event. I’m part of Bucks New Uni and we face the Uni of Roehampton.

I was also working this one, I was 1 of 6 camera men (along with Kevin Kohjus, Ben Parmar, Conor Wysner, Dan James & Scott Harvey) to capture the event and I was the editor for the Highlights reel above. I did also capture photos from moments throughout my day.

Before the main day of fixtures there were 3 sports that would compete before hand: Dance, Women’s Rugby & Futsal. The Dance was held at Bucks Dance Comp having a best 3 of 5 of the routines, surprisingly Roehampton won that point 3-2. Women’s Rugby was the first of Bucks’ points, it was such a well played game by our girls who really ran away with it during the 2nd half. Futsal also played well, winning their point as well. This gave Bucks a 2-1 lead overall going into the main game day.

I started out with the sport that I was competing in – Swimming. It is normal for us to win the male races and them to win the female races but on this occasion, we  struck back with the girls. We won the 1st couple of girls races which really was encouraging and certainly did hype us lot up even more: seeing that we could actually beat them and claim both the points available. But alas, both teams took away 1 point from the swimming.

My next venture was to the Netball, of which there were 2 games. As mentioned before, Roehampton are a more female based University so when it comes to their female teams, they do have that little bit of extra depth in squads, resulting in Bucks losing both the Netball games.

After this it was a quick trip to the Uni events hall after getting a lift and skipping the queue for the shuttle bus (it really does help knowing people) to go support the volleyball. The men’s game had finished much earlier than expected after the Bucks guys defeated Roehampton pretty much just after the game started. The girls game was all close sets, most of the time only being separated by 2 or 3 points.

The last sporting fixture that I was to go to on the day was the Men’s Rugby out at Maidenhead. The overall win for Varsity depended on the last 2 fixtures – it was 9.5 all going into the last 2 games – the Rugby and the Men’s basketball. Because one of the other camera guys was playing in the rugby, I got to use his DJI Ronin and was running up down the sideline capturing as much of the game & supporters as possible. As smooth as the shots I captured were, that thing does become a pain after a while (especially as I had a second camera on me with a more telephoto lens to get closer to the action).

Sadly, we lost the rugby, but back at the Sports Hall in the Uni, the Basketball guys had won 53-52 in the final few seconds of the game. I wish I could’ve been in that energetic environment. With these final results in, that made it 10.5 -10.5, a draw, the first ever draw for Varsity. Unfortunately, this meant that the Uni that won last year retains the cup which happened to be Roehampton.


My final stop, like most others, was the After Party held at Bucks Students Union which I was again taking photos at. I love taking photos at events like this as it allows me to go around and see different groups that I may not otherwise be able to do.

What an event, what a day. Full Photo Albums here


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