It’s been ages since I’ve last just gone out with a camera for the sake of going out, in fact it’s been too long. I started off by planning to try out backlighting portraits with the sun during golden hour on this mission – that didn’t last long due to the classic British weather on what was meant to be a clear afternoon. I briefly went around the Hughenden National Trust woods – I know this area and know spots to go. All of these were achieved with a Canon 700D with a Sigma 50-100mm f/1.8 on a Manfrotto Befree Tripod and remote shutter. These are some of the shots –

But that led me on to try another type of photography that I haven’t done in ages – 360. I also took my Ricoh Theta S out as a backup, as something to play around with. With this, I wanted to try to achieve a  type of shot that I first saw just over a year ago in a video by Sam Evens which is like a little planet 3rd person. This is what I achieved –

I achieved these by strapping my tripod to my bag with the Theta on top and took the photo via the Theta app on my phone. Simple.

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