This was a project that I took on myself to run to be Vice President of Student Involvement (VPSI) at Bucks Student Union.

The position is full-time and overlooks & determines what directions are taken with the students’ extra-curricular activities such as Sports, Societies, Volunteering, RAG, events, etc. I felt I fitted this as I’ve always been involved in sports throughout my life and have been especially involved during my last couple of years with the SU – Having been 2-year Chairman as well as completing enough hours for 2 Platinum Volunteering Awards (250 hours, each), both helping out in projects and events as well as leading teams at their competitions.

I ran on a slate alongside Will (going for President) & Diana (for Vice President of Education & Welfare). This was finalized literally the day before the standing phase ended. We had a great Baby Driver style poster for the 3 of us thanks to Will’s brother. I decided to continue this trend for my individual poster(s) by photoshopping my face in a few random scenes. (Yes I know they aren’t perfect, but other things were more important)

Like my campaign Video (see top of page), VP Worthy. I’ve been wanting to do a Weird Al Yankovic-style parody for ages and this gave me a perfect opportunity. I took ‘Ridin Dirty’ and made it way better. It took me a while getting the lyrics to rhyme and fit, but it eventually worked out and I had my song. Next up was creating the Video part. There are a few scenes in which I did have someone hold or move the camera but the majority I shot myself and the extra footage is a mixture of clips that I have collected over the past few years. Shot on a range of devices like phones, DSLRs & GoPros.

The idea came up as a bit of a joke to do a rap and then quickly progressed into a serious idea which then became a written song then video. majority of the lip syncing clips I shot the Wednesday afternoon/evening before it went up on Friday. I basically went around the Uni looking for places where there weren’t people around at the time like the 5th-floor library and 4th-floor breakout area, but there are still some recognisable places like the link bridge and Beats Café. After editing it all together Thursday morning, I was so hyped to release it. Like, super pumped.

Yes it is a little awkward, yes I don’t have the best vocals, but it worked exactly how I wanted it to. Getting 1000 views on the 1st day, encouraging friends to react to it & share it around to reach as wider promotion of it as I could. Over the weekend, I switched from being known as ‘The Photo Guy’ to ‘VP Worthy’, which was also beneficial as people could just easily recognise me and think of the elections going on. Even when I was Photographing at nightclubs in the week, I had groups come up to me and either chant or sing VP Worthy at me. Incredible.

The results were close, I made it through to the final round and was trying to keep up with the maths of the numbers in my head. But there were around 40 votes in it, sadly, I was the one with 40 less. Oh well. Charlie is a strong leader and I’m positive that the VPSI role is in good hands.

Aside from the music video, the thing that I was most proud of, was that I was the only person running to achieve one of their manifesto points during elections week, and that was to promote what was going on in the Union and in the Uni to students that are left in the dark – after speaking to people while campaigning, it became clear that some students didn’t know what the elections meant and the ones that had seen my video had gotten them interested and gotten them to vote.

And finally, a special thank you to all that had my back through campaigning. You guys rock!

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