The only time it has snowed before this in Wycombe while I was around, was nearly 2 years ago where the ground was dusted with a very thin and  delicate layer of crumby snow. This time around was different, very different.

The forecast said it was meant to snow heavily overnight, I didn’t keep my hopes too high as Britain’s weather can be unpredictable and can often be a bit of a let down. But, when I woke up around 8, I looked out the window to a completely white road – with snow still falling pretty heavily. When my flatmate came out of his room about half an hour later, I was like, “Do ya wanna go outside for a bit?”

Hughenden Grounds was our destination to wander around for a bit as it wasn’t too further walk and we could easily get back.

After this little venture, I messaged another mate – a fellow photographer – if he wanted to go out & shoot some photos around. We went to the most popular spot to look over High Wycombe from, watched a guy go down it on his snowboard.

And I couldn’t help myself but go on a further photo mission around the town getting pictures of many places as well as going to one of favourite spots on one of the many multi-story car parks around to capture a view that not many people look at and take in.

The snow was still out the next day so it gave more time for more photos to be taken. Not quite as much was there and the snow fall was very light. 3 of us from the flat went out for a little wander around Hughenden Grounds just for the photos. I also wanted a picture of me in vest & shorts in the snow just because why not really.


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