This is my new toy. I got it do upgrade a standard Yongnuo 50mm f/1.8 to capture portraits mainly at Sports & Events (which would mainly be indoors). I thought that having this zoom extension would come in extremely handy as some of the Yongnuo’s photos were a tad too wide for my liking and not up-close and personal enough. The 50-100mm zoom should cover that. Also I’d read online that it’s ability to focus fast and focus sharp was a game changer and that Sigma’s Art Series Glass was some of the most crisp glass in the business. I went for it and bought it.

(After having it 3 days) This lens is beautiful. It’s crispness is gorgeous, the zoom comes in handy. And even though it is f/1.8 like my previous 50mm, it’s bokeh seems more creamy. I haven’t currently used it in sports or at events, only been around the town a little with it to see what it could produce and seemingly ordinary angles have so much more depth. Only a couple downsides so far – It’s lockable collar isn’t removable so it does get in the way of the zoom a little and it is a hefty chunk coming in at just over 2KGs, but then again, the quality of the glass is worth it.

(After a couple weeks) This lens is beyond what I wanted. It’s speed and crispness is unrivaled – as far as I’ve experienced – and because of that wide aperture, indoor sports are not a problem at all. This is a phenomenal lens. And especially costing £949 (New on Amazon) when if Canon, Sony or Nikon made a lens like this – which they do not currently – it would probably be a £2k-£3k lens. Yes it is that good. Certainly worth a purchase for enthusiasts/freelancers, even for pros I reckon.

Overall, yes it is a lump, hell yes it is worth the plunge.



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