So my 2nd Year of University was finished back in June, that was definitely the best year yet.


Going into my 3rd and Final year is a tad scary, yes. But I’m so hyped for it. The dissertation is the most daunting which is why I’ve got an early start to getting background research and camera work done. I should mention that I am doing an ‘alternative format’ dissertation which means something that isn’t an essay. Mine is a film/documentary style video presentation as I feel way more confident in my video making skills than I do in my writing. Although still need to plan and write a script to voice over, I feel that the voice is more powerful than the word.

I’m now settled into my new flat, even though it’s the same one as last year. Unpacking is always a blast, fun fun fun. Meeting new people is great, especially when using the camera to gain interest in my photography/videos. Talking about my work and showing it to people is definitely boosting my confidence with it all.

In terms of my course (Interior and Spatial Design), I am ready to start drawing, designing and making again and ready to come up with some new mad concepts.


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