Eastbourne after the Sun goes down

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I love venturing out on night time photo missions (I’ve probably mentioned that before). There’s just something really satisfying about smooth clouds over buildings that are illuminated by town lights. It’s awesome to be able to capture details at a time that human eyes can not normally see.

I started this little venture at the Holywell end of Eastbourne seafront before sunset, going down on the beach as it was a fairly low tide at the time: getting a couple shots looking back at Eastbourne.

Followed by a little walk up onto the downs looking over the town as the sun set. Using my zoom lens to pick out some compositions in the town with the last bit of sunlight.

Venturing further round the downs after the sunset probably isn’t the wisest idea (sorry mum) but there were a couple of spots I wanted to hit up for a night time shot of Eastbourne. I also tested out ideas with fairy lights – only one of which I’m sort of happy with which shows I’ve still got a lot to learn with them.

When it was definitely dark I came down of the downs to get into the town to shoot looking up and across at a few buildings with 3-5 minute exposure times. These brought up brilliant results. The other useful factor was that Eastbourne normally has many little lights that illuminate the promenade, but, an hour or two after sunset these normally get switched off making it much easier to get longer exposures of the seafront without having massively whited out lights all over the frame.

Definitely a mission that’ll be doing again and again.

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