Wales Adventure

Myself and a best mate went away for 5 days to roadtrip to Wales to go for an adventure filled holiday. We went up to Wales in 2 parts – stopping off in Oxford for a night and having a small wonder and photoshoot at night as it was far too hot in the afternoon.

Travelling up to Wales on the 2nd day was pretty smooth going, getting close to the Airbnb with time to spare. So we made a call to travel further up to the north coast to go see Conwy Castle which was an amazing unplanned decision. The majority of the stone walls are still intact; including six towers that all have stunning 360 degree views of Conwy, the River Conwy and the Seaside. It is definitely worth a visit.

The 3rd day was the first full day there, we started that out by rocketing down a mountain on a zip-line. Not just any ordinary zip-line though, this is (currently) the worlds fastest zip-line. It goes at a speed of up to 119mph which, when it’s raining, feels a tad fast. It had been threated to be called off due to the poor visibility and gusty winds but thankfully it went ahead. During that 62 seconds, I had more adrenaline being pumped through my system than I’ve had before. It was extraordinary.

That adrenaline rush was only a morning’s activity, something to fill the afternoon was required. You know what trampoline parks are, right? Well, think of that but having multiple levels and configurations inside caves. Bounce Below is a place where such a thing exists. It has many sections of giant trampolines connect by slides and walkways with colour changing lights and, obviously, it’s based within caves. Pretty rad.

The 4th day was a full days worth of caving 7 hours in darkness without contact to the outside world. It had multiple climbs, traverses and zip-lines through huge caverns and over massive drops (up to 30 meters in places). It is definitely a full on day that is for those who are active and seeking thrills & adventure. We had 2 guides who knew the caves very well, the leader knew them better than he knew himself. as it’s his full time job to take groups of 12 down for 7 hours a day, 5 days a week. That’s an insane job.

We hatched a plan for the next day where we would be starting the journey back home, deciding to go to Surf Snowdonia which is an artificial lake with a giant wave machine where you can learn to surf. But also it has a little fun C bit on the side which is the bit we went to. It was such a good call to go there, great little bit of fun running through the obstacle courses and jumping of the platform. Then on for an overnight stay in Pershore and returning home.

What an adventure. Cheers Matt.

Click here to watch the adventure

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