After recently surpassing my 100 volunteering hours at my University, I was introduced to an opportunities page to find more local people and organisations looking for help assisting with various types of projects. I spent a bit of time looking for one that I had the skills to be able to help out with.

I came across an opportunity to help out Chiltern Rangers, an organisation predominantly consisting of volunteers that manages Nature reserves and provide practical habitat management. I was tasked to shoot and edit a short video that showed the Rangers accepting the Queens Award for Volunteering for Voluntary Services.

I certainly got tested in filming in different environments to what I was used to. The woods an fields I’ve done before, but while wading in a river was something new. Trying to judge walking on an uneven riverbed mostly made up of loose silt that can’t be seen through the water because of more loose silt, while trying to get stable & smooth shots and trying not to drop the camera into the river: it’s definitely a juggling act, one that I feel I did pretty well at. I mean, my camera is mostly dry and still works.

It was such a pleasure working with them, they are definitely an organisation that I hope to work with again in the future. Watch the finished video here.

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