2nd Year of University, Completed

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More work, more late nights, more hectic. That’s how my second year has been compared to my first, but it has definitely been better.


I study at Buckinghamshire New University on the Interior & Spatial Design course and have literally just finished submitting the last piece of work of my 2nd year. It’s been a blast to have worked with and alongside some of the most talented and inspiring young people I’ve met, and not just on my course, but all those in all the projects I’ve worked with.

What has made this year better is that I’ve  been a lot more involved than in my previous year, mainly with the Student’s Union. Jumping on board with photographing, filming and editing for many sports fixtures and events as well as the extra curricular activities that are run outside of Uni times. That mainly started from meeting Ben Parmar (now President Elect for the SU) as he started getting me involved at games and now I just can’t stop, it’s too enjoyable being in that competitive atmosphere doing something I love doing. The more you put in, the more you get out – that is so true here.

And on the course, I feel like my designs have definitely benefitted from having this extra energy from these extra events. Starting of the year of projects with a pile of regulations to learn was probably one of the best times to get information – when you’re fresh into Uni.

A notable project was the Workshop Project which was run as a live project where we had to completely re-imagine the workshops here at the Uni into a brighter, more efficient space. We were set this task in groups to get us all used to working alongside others as most of our future would involve working like this. I can say that it was definitely one of the more challenging projects that I’ve done as there are multiple opinions to consider (not always agreeing with yours) and having a rival team to design against certainly added to that little competitive vibe that I, personally, thrive on. The projects through the year were the Staircase, Workshop, Radiohead, Showroom and Houseboat.

In the world of sport this year, I was a lot more involved with photographing, filming and editing for different teams at their games at home and even a couple away. Football, Rugby, Basketball, American Football, Badminton, Volleyball, Dodgeball, Hockey, Swimming as well as Rag events (Raise And Give for charity), I attended quite a few. And as for competing for the Uni, I went to both the Swimming BUCS Nationals at Ponds Forge in Sheffield. Obviously swimming the Breaststroke (and only the Breaststroke) as you’ll rarely catch me swimming much else, getting a few PBs here and there – I’m happy with anything around my PBs these days. And then the big one for the year – Varsity – which is where Bucks face Roehampton in a multi sport battle. We got a complete team for swimming literally on the night before the competition which was very fortunate.


I could not end without mentioning the brilliant flatmates that I have had the joy of experiencing the Uni life with. All the laughs along the way have definitely helped and you guys have encouraged me to do greater things.

Thank you to all.

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