Since my trip to Amsterdam at the end of last year, I have grown to like venturing out for night missions more and more. I don’t know what it is about them, but they sure do give the thrills. Yes they can be cold (thanks Britain) and sketchy, but with some of the shots that the night can enable you to get are pretty awesome.

Spotting the location

So, Saturday morning I decided to give being spontaneous a go. I messaged Bernie (a fellow creator and Instagramer) about going out to shoot in the woods behind the church on West Wycombe hill that night, as I had previously come across this spot with my mate Dan about a couple weeks back. I also had a 5Diii with a couple extra lenses that I had borrowed from my Uni for the weekend which is why I was desperate to go.

West Wycombe church on the hill


First things first, it was obviously pitch black as it was at night, fortunately I also had a small LED panel from the Uni which did a great job of lighting the way. To be honest, I’m glad I wasn’t alone!

The fallen tree at night

We got to the spot; An narrow strip that divides two areas of trees with one tree that has fallen right across the divide, and is still in the air as the tree had snapped in half. I’m amazed we managed to find it at night. Spent a good hour there, playing around with lighting, angles and lenses, before coming up with the better compositions.

Sitting outside West Wycombe Church

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