Varsity is a 1-on-1 sporting event which pretty much every university in the country takes part in, always facing their rival Uni. At Bucks New Uni, we take on the Uni of Roehampton for the Roebuck Trophy over one day. It was hosted by Roehampton this year and their were 21 points up for grabs across a variety of sports.


I was competing in one of the first events of the day: the swimming. After getting our full team of 8 (4 guys & 4 girls) the night before the event, we were just about as ready as we were ever going to be. For every event Bucks won, Roehampton won one; gaining our Uni’s one point each.

We all then moved from the pool to go watch other events, I went along to the Women’s Basketball as they always put on a fantastic show – Bucks are top in all their leagues currently so they’re pretty decent. It was a very close game with Roehampton leading at the start, but the team spirit of Bucks really fought through to win 59-53. They are undoubtedly, the best Bucks team to watch.

Next, it was on to watch a good old bit of footy. Roehampton did lead this for the majority of the game but Bucks managed to roll one in in the last 10 minutes or so after a Roehampton Defender ran into his keeper, oops. 1-1 draw from that.

The final fixture of the day was the Men’s Rugby. Pretty much everyone was there (with exception of Volleyball teams) with pretty much everyone on a high of alcohol. It was a almost a walkover for Roehampton, but that doesn’t make the time spent there any less enjoyable.

Overall, a 12-9 win for Roehampton. Watch the Highlights here.

Watch my day here.

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