Spent 4 days in the middle of April staying in a cottage just outside Wareham with the family for a little exploring time around Dorset.IMG_7629

Straight away we were at the main site, the biggie, Durdle door. It is an arch made of limestone and has a section eroded away by the sea. Definitely worth seeing, especially from up above as nearly all the tourists go down to the beach.

The second day was started of by a rather blustery walk to Old Harry’s Rocks which are chalk stacks followed by a session of getting lost in the sand dunes in Studland Bay. And to top that all off, watching a gorgeous sunset over Corfe Castle from a high hillside. Couldn’t have been a better day.

The next morning, I woke up early to go out to the marshlands by Wareham for sunrise as it was meant to be half alright, which it was. I then proceeded to walk around to get some shots that I had spotted while being there the 1st evening getting milk. After I returned, we all went into Corfe Castle itself, we even started off a photo trend for other tourists, because that’s how we roll. We also went for a 4 mile (I thought it was more like 5 or 6 mile) hike across the surrounding landscape and hills ending up on the same hillside that we viewed the sunset from the previous evening.IMG_8726.jpg

The last day was a get up and go sort of day, stopping at a viewpoint and at The Etches Collection Museum. An end to a great extended weekend break and quality time with family.

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