The first project brief of the year was a Set Design for the alternative rock group, Radiohead, and their newest album, A Moon Shaped Pool. This was challenging for me as I found their style of rock a little on the dreary side and not all that inspiring. After watching the music videos through about 4 times straight, I paused on one at a time that I thought could give a good starting point for a idea for a stage concept.

Screen capture from Identikit @ 1:58


I went for an Islands concept which I borrowed from my own project that I did at college a couple years prior. By having these Islands, I was able to move the band members around the stage; playing around with their heights to rise them above and down to the audience.

Another huge part of this project was lighting and storyboarding. With each of my Islands moving independently, Storyboarding this was fairly simple as I could show the Islands raising an lowering according to music being played, Instruments playing, band members talking, etc. The lighting was vital (obviously, you need to be able to see stuff) as Radiohead’s, Music videos and previous live tours are very visual and – in my opinion – puts life and feeling into their music.

To create my lighting effects, I used a Pulsar filter over my lens when taking photos and basic levels adjustments in Adobe After Effects. I used Timelapse & Hyperlapse and Stop-motion animation techniques to capture concert-like shots of the stage in motion, and simply took out 1 in every 10 images to generate story boards to show when the stage moves and when lighting changes.

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