After being in a little bit of contact with Kenny Choi, I learned that there was going to be a meetup in London with creators of the likes of JR Alli, Gio Montalvo, Archie Baker & Others. I have met a couple of creators before, but not as a group meet.

Juxtapositioning – The Shard to The Tower of London


I (as normal) was overly eager and arrived at Tower Bridge at least an hour earlier than planned. I take up this time by shooting a Hyperlapse or two normally as I find them useful to add into edits that I make, and put them towards my Timelapse & Hyperlapse Films.

Watching and being around others with such high class similar minds is a really inspiring experience and I encourage others to try to have similar meets. Believe me, it does you good. It also gives you a live behind the scenes that’ll show what others do get the results they publish.

Meeting up with JR Alli, Gio Montalvo, Kenny Choi & others

There were 10 of us who met up along the way, starting in the area on the south side of Tower Bridge, walking to Tower Hill and taking the Underground into China Town where the main portion of footage was shot and photos were taken.

Gio under the alley lights

Also, being with a couple that live in the area, you get to see parts that aren’t on the general ‘go to see’ list of visitors. For example, there was one alleyway that had great backing lighting and was an ideal shooting location. Without these guys, I never would’ve known about it.

Watch the full day Here.

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