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What have I done?

  • Reading November/December 2020
    This is a purely visual update of the photos that I have taken during the last part of the year 2020. These were mainly taken to and from my work during the second UK lockdown. For the images with the extra colour overlaid are all done in camera, to the surprise of my Instagram pollsContinue reading “Reading November/December 2020”
  • David Battie joins the Dawsons Team
    In preparation of the Asian Art sale at Dawsons Auctioneers on the 5th of November, David Battie – an original and regular member of the BBC’s Antiques Roadshow – was enlisted to assist Dawsons’ own Richard Harrison. I had the privilege to work with them as I had a couple of hours, out of theContinue reading “David Battie joins the Dawsons Team”
  • Reading, UK
    Following a recent move to Reading, Berkshire, I was interested in capturing this new place that I live in and have recently really gotten back into my groove of just freewheeling my photography. Over the past year or so, every time I have seen or travelled to a new place I have always thought, “thatContinue reading “Reading, UK”

My products


Coming! A place where you can buy prints of my most popular and favourite shots. Want anything in particular here? Contact me!


Coming! I wanted to try to help others that are starting out in the industry, as I once did, as I know how key some information is and I know how a little bit of experience can go a long way


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About me

Who am I?

A little bit of my background in the photography industry, as well as a small background of me. Telling you how I have got to where I am am today.


What People Say

Thank you, Sean, on behalf of Downing Place United Reformed Church.

Nigel Uden, Downing Place United Reformed Church

I had the opportunity to work with Sean when he took professional photos for website. I was very happy with the photos and would definitely recommend him.

Alizée Musson

Sean has been photographing at our events for over 2 years now and we wouldn’t have anyone else. In terms of picture quality and service he has been outstanding throughout.

Domonic Whiting, Audio Venom

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